Glowing Up

For the grand majority of my existence I always thought I had oily skin. Spoiler alert – turns out I have wicked dry skin that was forced to overproduce oil because I kept using products made for people with oily skin- aka super gratifying, oil-wicking, drying products. But after so many years of trying to demoisturize (new word alert!) my face I created a strong aversion to any sort of glowy look because for me that meant oil.

Fast forward to me at 25 and taking proper care of my skin and I’m actually warming up to the idea of my skin looking glowy, albeit without the oil. And although I still get get myself to use a serum (too oily in consistency and bad flashbacks), I’ve started dabbling in the highlighter world. So far my collection only consists of 2 highlighters but hey, baby steps.

The products I wanted to share with you, however, are not exactly baby steps into the glowy game. These are hard-hitting highlights, shimmers, and sparkles that can be seen from outer space and that I have heard RAVE reviews about. I wanted to post about these products because I’ve heard a lot more about them than I have the more understated products, and plus, I think the grand majority of people want to get their glow ON rather than slightly on. Here are the top products for people who want to bring their glow and sparkle to another level:


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