5 Makeup Changes to Make Going into Summer

Left- Winter look / Right – Summer look

Living in New England the changing of the seasons is very apparent. The days are longer and the weather is warmer and people can finally crawl out of their down-coat cocoons and blossom into creatures that (despite not being able to see it for the last few months), have skin! And along with these wardrobe changes I also make some changes to my makeup routine. Most of these changes occur when it.s just a little warmer out but I’m too excited to wait for my skin to bronze to make these changes. Here are some of the changes that I make and I would recommend others to make going into the warmer months:

  • Lighten up your moisturizer – It’s no surprise that our skin becomes more dry in the Winter due to the lack of moisture in the air. But warmer weather brings more moisture which means you don’t have to go so heavy-handed with your moisturizer in the winter. I go from a cream formula to a lotion formula to make this change.
  • Switch to a base with SPF – Whether you wear moisturizer, tinted-moisturizer, a light coverage or full coverage foundation, you should be wearing a base with SPF to protect your skin with the sunnier days ahead.
  • Get your gold on – Whether your bronze up naturally or artificially (using bronzer or spray tans, no tanning beds!), bronzey looks are always complimented by gold tones. I switch up my eye looks from more silvery to more golden looks this time of year.
  • Leave the black liner at home – I always switch from my signature cat eye to a more understated, smudged out brown liner look in the Spring and Summer. You always take the risk of smudging your perfect cat flick when you’re hot and sweaty when an already smudged brown liner only looks better throughout the day.
  • Switch from moisturizing to mattifying – This kind of goes with my first point but when you’re priming or setting your makeup, go for something more mattifying because if you’re hot your body is naturally going to produce more oils which is gonna give you more shine throughout the day. To combat looking like a greasy, butter-ball, start or finish your look with mattifying products.

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