Serious CVS Haul


You might think it difficult for someone to spend over $80 on products at CVS. I’m here to tell you that this is not so and it is in fact incredibly easy. This is obviously coming from a serious CVS addict but the majority of what I spent was not on beauty products (surprisingly enough), but other boring things. Here’s what I spent a good chunk of change on this weekend:


Weekly Tid Bits

What a lovely long weekend it was! I stayed around Boston for the first Memorial day weekend in three years and I actually enjoyed my time a lot. I saw friends, ate lots of good food, ran lots, read and relaxed.

Makeup look for a birthday out

First sushi burrito ever!

Swans nesting on the Commons

Makeup look for another night out

The Creamsicle (I had to get it, that’s my nickname)

Memorial Day Aritzia Sale

Happy almost Memorial Day everyone! Growing up this holiday weekend was just another soccer tournament but this year, as I won’t be playing soccer or vacationing (this time last year I was in Italy :() I’ll be shopping the sales. One of the sales I plan on hitting up is the Aritzia one. And after being thoroughly disappointed with how pricey their pieces have become, I knew this is one of the few times that I can get away with purchasing more than one piece from them. Here are my top picks:

A Sucker for Seersucker

Anyone who knows my style knows I have a slight fear of big, bold prints. That’s why when I look for patterns I’m more drawn to the subdued ones. And there is not better example of a subdued pattern than seer sucker, especially for Spring and Summer. Here are some seer sucker (inspired ) options that caught my eye for the warmer seasons.

Product Review: Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo

john freida.jpg

It’s hard for me to admit but I think my hair is naturally brown now. Which means I have to bleach it. Which means I need a product like this.


  • It visibly prevents and reduces brassiness in my hair
  • Leaves my hair feeling super duper clean
  • I love the deep purple color… that counts as a pro for me
  • Smells great and clean
  • Lathers pretty easily
  • Price is only $13.50!


  • Can’t get this product in the drugstore

Overall, I will 100% be repurchasing this shampoo. I have never used a product that has had such a visible impact on the brassiness of my hair (in a completely good way). My hairdresser recommended this product to me and I could not thank her enough. It makes my hair look and feel super clean while not ever drying it out. Love this!