New Scents for the New Season

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, with the changing of the seasons also comes the change of scents in my home. To my dismay, however, the Yankee Candle that I have frequented in seasons past is no longer around so I had to search for another supplier of scents to quench my thirst for Spring candles. Luckily there is a Bath and Body Works located right next door to the old Yankee Candle store I went to so I popped in there for a sniff. Here are the scents that I picked up, along with a candle I purchased last Spring that I’ll be putting back into rotation.

Fresh Cut Lilacs – This is a no frills, all Lilac kind of scent. I have honestly never smelt a candle that represented its flower so spot on. If you like the scent of lilac, you’ll love this candle.

Sunlit Garden – I hate sickly sweet scents so I wasn’t so sure about the pear but I actually love this scent. It’s a clean, sweet, grassy floral scent that reminds me of a Spring day out on the soccer fields after it’s rained and everything smells fresh. Paired with the Lilac scent it truly smells like a garden in my apartment.

Wild Honeysuckle – Funny story, I’ve actually purchased this candle twice by accident. I saw it in different packaging and thought it was a different scent but nope, the nose knows what it likes. This candle is a very light, very sweet honeysuckle scent that can fill up a room SUPER quickly.


Coconut Milk Mango – Ok, so I didn’t actually purchase this candle but that’s only because I had just bought the other two. And I usually don’t love scents that sound like foods (ie. cupcakes, cake batter, sugar cookie) but this is an exception. It smells like a glorious smoothie/milkshake that I would definitely overeat had it been in food form.

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  1. groovegoals says:

    “Popped in there for a sniff” luv it! White tea and pear sounds really nice..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It does doesn’t it! I made a mistake though, I actually bought Sunlit Garden which is actually being discontinued 😦


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