Eye Shadow Brands Ranked

For me, the most fun part about doing my makeup is applying eye shadows. And what makes it even more fun is having a plethora of options to choose from. It’s for this reason that I have accumulated more eye shadows and eye shadow palettes over the past few years than any other beauty product. And through years of trying out different brands and products, I have realized which brands really hit the ball out of the park and which ones slightly miss the mark. Now obviously I haven’t been able to try out every makeup brands eye shadows but I thought I would at least share with you the ones I have tried and how they stack up.

(Rank out of 5 hearts)

Maybelline – ♥♥

Not a whole lot of color pay-off but good for a beginner. I much prefer their color tattoo eye shadows which are more of a cream formula.

Tarte – ♥♥♥

This brand can have some great shadows but also has some very unpigmented shadows, especially the matte ones. It’s kind of a toss up what you’re going to get so definitely swatch before you buy.

Laura Mercier – ♥♥♥

These shadows are similar to Tarte shadows in that there is some inconsistency in the formulation. They are, however, more consistent than the Tarte shadows. Nice shades and nice shadows, nothing too outstanding though.

Nars – ♥♥♥

I only own two shades of theirs but they’re great and give you A LOT of product per color. Stay all day and are easy to blend out.

Urban Decay – ♥♥♥♥

The cult classic Naked palettes are pretty close to perfection with great shimmers and great mattes. They have little to no fall out and come in great packaging. The only complaint I have is that the sparkly shades could use more pigmentation.

Colour Pop – ♥♥♥♥♥

The only reason this brand isn’t at the top of my list (or rather the bottom in the case of this post) is that I haven’t tried their matte shades so I can’t speak to those. The shades I have tried, however, are absolute perfection. The first time I touched their super shock shadows I could of sworn they were a cream formula because of how buttery they are. They apply wonderfully and stay put all day with no fall out.

Lorac – ♥♥♥♥♥

These palettes are hands down my favorite eye shadow palettes. Their mattes are INCREDIBLY pigmented and their shimmers are gorgeous. They’re super blendable, stay all day, and come in palettes can be used to create so many different eye looks with  equal numbers of light, mid tone and dark shades. Plus the packaging is super light and perfect for travel. There is a little fall out but I don’t mind this at all because I always apply my eye makeup first.

If you have any brand recommendations for great eye shadows (I know I need to try Anastasia Beverly Hills and Morphe), please let me know!

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