Tips for Growing Out Bangs


I got bangs the Summer of 2014 and had them for over two years before deciding to make the switch back to my bangless look. I knew that when I got bangs that eventually I would eventually want to grow them out again so I had already embraced the idea of not loving every stage of them growing back out. But after the past few months, I’ve picked up some tricks and tips for making your transitioning bangs a little more manageable.

  1. You can lengthen the amount of time your bangs can stay in the center of your face by blow drying them with a rounded brush. This will curl them out of your eyes so they can stay laying straight across for longer.
  2. Once your bangs are too long to wear straight across, start parting them in the center. This will allow them to fall to the sides of your face instead of in your eyes. If you pull them to one side too soon, one side of your bangs may be too short to pull away from your eyes
  3. Switch your part up when your bangs are long enough. This will give them more oomph every time you switch the part so they won’t lay flat on the sides of your face.
  4. If your bangs feel flat and heavy from length and or/oil, tie the rest of your hair back and rinse and blowdry just your bangs to give them them some extra life without having to wash your whole head.

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