Step by Step Cut Crease

I mentioned last week that I tried a cut crease look for the first time and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome! Unfortunately I did not capture the step by step so this time I took my time and photographed each move I made. Enjoy!




Apply a light brown transition shad all over the lid


Apply a darker transition shade along just the crease of the eye, blending upwards


Apply your darkest shade to the outer corner and along the entire crease, being a lot more precise in the inner corner


Apply concealer with a flat tapered brush to the inner corner of the eye, following the crease and ending about 3/4 of the way across the eye (try not to blink, it will transfer!)


Apply your lightest shade on top of your concealer with another flat brush (the lighter the shade, the more the contrast)


Blend a transition shimmer shade over the area where the concealer ends and your darkest crease shade begins to create a gradient and smooth transition between the colors


Apply a cat eye with a liquid liner


Smudge a mixture of your transition shades along the lower lash line, tight line with black liner and apply lots of mascara


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