Ski Trip Check List (I’m going to Utah!)

Three weeks from today I will be on my way to Utah for a ski trip with some of my college friends! This trip not only marks my first time skiing (or rather snowboarding) out west, it will also be my first time flying on my own. As I’ve mentioned before, I am terribly afraid of flying but on the flip side, there’s something about doing things on my own that calms me down if that makes sense. Another thing that calms me down is knowing I have everything prepared well in advance so while the trip isn’t for a couple more weeks, I’m taking inventory now and making sure I have everything I need for my vacation.

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  1. life in love says:

    I just learnt how to ski a week ago and I enjoyed it so much! I find a small backpack like a drawstring bag quite useful while you ski as you can carry your essentials like water/phone or to carry any extra layers with you!


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