Workout Classes and What We’re All Guilty Of Doing

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If you’re like me, you prefer going to workout classes where an instructor tells you what to do, how to do it, and for how long. I personally love Pure Barre classes and have been going to them for 3 years now. Unfortunately, after 3 years of attending a class, sometimes your mind starts to wander when you’ve memorized the routines. This is where the bad habits start. I’m sharing them with you now in hopes that some of you readers acknowledge that you too are guilty of these habits. And we can bond over the fact that we’re not the only ones 🙂

  1. Looking at other people in class and comparing yourself – I know I know this is the number thing you are not supposed to do. They even tell you in Pure Barre “everyone will look different in this exercise” but do I listen? Not if the girl across from me can lift her leg up a foot higher than me..
  2. Looking at myself in the mirror – Wow do I really look this flushed all the time? The answer is probably no, but my face says otherwise.
  3. Watching the clock – This might not hurt, but it never helps.
  4. Mixing up our right and left limbs – I can’t be the only one that hears “raise your right arm..” and immediately lifts their left.
  5. Farting – If ANYONE says they don’t fart in workout classes, don’t trust them.

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