Bad Habits


If you are someone that says you aren’t guilty of having any bad habits, I’m sorry but you’re lying. I may just be saying this to make myself feel better (ok I am) but that would mean you’re practically perfect! And let’s face it, no one’s (practically) perfect. Hopefully sharing some of my worse qualities makes you feel a little bit better about yourselves! At least they’ll be good for something then 🙂

  • Biting my nails – I think I just do this when I’m bored and not thinking about anything. Getting manicures definitely helps with this though.
  • Looking at my phone right before bed – I know I know, you’re not supposed to look at screens before you sleep cause it melts your brain or something like that. But I can’t help it!
  • Eating when I’m bored – I know for a fact that I do this. I’m trying to remedy this issue though by not keeping any junk food in my apartment.
  • Drinking diet soda – Diet sodas contain Aspartame which my mom puts it “kills your brain cells.” Now I’m not sure that is 100% scientifically accurate, but it’s definitely not good for me.
  • Not responding to a text when I open it – Within my friend groups I am the one notorious for being bad at responding to texts. I’m the annoying friend who picks up the phone and calls you, which works great for some people!Not so much for others..

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