Series I have Binge Watched

We’ve all been guilty of binge watching a tv series at one point or another. And with the technology and services out there (Netflix, Hulu, On Demand, Amazon…), there is virtually no limit to the amount of shows you can watch. And having binged on two series over the past two weeks, I thought I would share with you ALL of the series that I have binged on over the years. And yes, by binged I mean watched more than a healthy amount of episodes in a small period of time (definitely more than enough to warrant the “ARE YOU STILL WATCHING” message). I would say I’m ashamed, but let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.

  1. Lost
  2. Greek
  3. Downton Abbey
  4. Game of Thrones
  5. The Crown
  6. Stranger Things
  7. The OA
  8. Arrow
  9. New Girl
  10. Teen Wolf
  11. How to Get Away with Murder
  12. Sherlock (watching now)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alice says:

    So far I’m guilty of Sherlock and game of thrones!!

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    1. Two of my favorites for sure 🙂

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