2016 Trends: How I Really Feel About Them

2016 was a year full of some great and some not so great trends. And while everyone is completely entitled to their own opinions, I wanted to share with you some of mine. But like I said, this is just my personal preference and I would love to know your thoughts!

Chokers – I’m torn on this one. Some people can definitely pull them off, but considering I feel slightly claustrophobic wearing anything that comes up to far on my neck anyway, I don’t think this is one for me.

Rose Gold Everything – I’m much more of a silver or gold lover. This probably stems from the fact that I have more of a yellow undertone so pinky metals look a little strange on my skin so I’ve never really gotten into the hype.

Gold Pineapple Homeware – When I first saw this trend I thought it was super cute. But after seeing it literally EVERYWHERE I think it is being way overdone. Why not gild another fruit for a change? A coconut maybe?

Succulents in Terrariums – I’m still loving this trend. Succulents are one of the few varieties of plants I can keep alive and when they can live in a gold, geometric prism of sorts, I think it looks very classy and chique.

Pom Pom Key Chain – I think these are cute when you see them but completely impractical. If you attach it to keys, it’s just going to get in the way and limit the amount of bags you can store them in. If you put it on a bag, it will get dirty and in the way.

Marble Patterned Everything – There are some things that I like seeing marble on like surfaces, mugs, and other hard objects. When I see them on things like notebooks and pillows, soft things really, not so much.

Copper Mugs – Not the biggest fan of copper but I still like these. They’re timeless and functional, I just wish they made them in silver and gold.

Calvin Klein Undergarments – After purchasing my first underwear and bra duo this weekend and proceeding to live in them for as long as sanitarilly possible, I’m hooked. They are legit super comfy, don’t break the bank and surprisingly provide a good amount of support!

Ironic Pool Floaties – I like pool floaties. That being said, if I see another donut, pizza slice, or swan floating around, I’m gonna have to take scissors to it. I think the floatie industry can afford to put some more creativity into their products.

Avocado Everything – Definitely a matter of personal taste, but my taste buds fully condone the use of avocado in any and everything.

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  1. stella says:

    Alright, I have been putting of the Calvin Klein trend as hype but I think I am going to have to check it out!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You definitely should 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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