Watching Out

One accessory that I think is really classic and timeless (pun intended) is a watch. I, however, have never really been known to sport one. I’m not really sure if it’s because I don’t like having to remember to put something and take something off each day, or if I’ve just thought they’d look clunky on me, or simply because I haven’t owned one I liked enough, but for some reason they’ve just never stuck with me. But as of recently I’ve started spending more time around a watch aficionado of sorts and my interest has been slightly peaked. So when I came across Olivia Burton watches on ASOS, I decided to take a look at their inventory. Here are some watches that I picked that I think may help convert me.

Lace Detail Black Dial & Gold Mesh

Midi Dial Mint & Gold

The Dandy London Grey & Gold

Vegan Friendly Big Dial Nude & Gold

Wonderland Bracelet Silver and Gold Mix


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