New Years Resolutions: How I Did


At the beginning of the I made some new years resolutions. I’ve never really been one to stick (or even remember) my new years resolutions but this year I really made an effort to do just that. After about 6 months I posted an update on how I was doing and after 12 months, here I am giving you the final update.

  1. Drink more water – Crushed this one. I’ve been drinking a LOT more water and have been getting a lot less headaches because of it!
  2. Get a promotion – Almost there!
  3. Learn to cook more quick and easy dinners – Learned a couple of new recipes, still working on this one though!
  4. Run another 10k – Didn’t do this one, but technically I tried to sign up for a half marathon but just didn’t get in because too many people signed up.
  5. Take the GMAT and do well on it – I did it! I took the GMAT back in May and am very happy with my scores 🙂

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  1. marielelena says:

    congrats on completing your resolutions for the most part! awesome work 🙂

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