Product Review: L’Oreal Voluminous Black Volume Building Mascara

I saw Tanya Burr apply this in one of her videos and thought that was reason enough to buy it..



  • Applies easily
  • Definitely adds volumes and length
  • Stays on all day without flaking
  • Comes off very easily with water
  • Does not dry super stiff, lashes are still flexible


  • Does not really define lashes
  • Clumps of mascara can build up on the wand pretty easily
  • The large size of the brush makes it difficult to get into the corners of the eyes
  • Does not keep lashes curled

Overall, I don’t think I would repurchase this mascara because although there are a bunch of things I like about it, there are also a bunch that I don’t. I would rather spend my money on a new mascara that I haven’t tried in hopes it fulfills more of my needs than stick with one that I know only fulfills some of them. I don’t regret purchasing this though.


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