(Somewhat) Productive to Spend a Rainy Day


In honor of it being an absolutely dismal day here in New England, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ways to spend a rainy day such as today (if you have the luxury of free time which I currently do not).

  1. Spa day – Doing an at home face mask or two and a manicure gives you a good excuse to not move for a while. Plus, technically you are being productive!
  2. Try a new recipe – There’s nothing like trying a new recipe out when there is zero pressure to get it right. And hey, if you do it well, your friends and family will sure to be impressed at your proactive(ness?).
  3. Watch a documentary – If you have Netflix (or more likely the password to a friends account) there are some great documentaries out there. Entertaining and educational!

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