Anthropologie on Point

There are some stores that I kind of get suckered into going into a lot with friends and never really end up finding anything. Anthropologie has kinda been one of those stores for me. Their prices are very steep and a lot of the time I find their clothes too whimsical for me.

Cue my walking into their store yesterday. I was BLOWN away by their selection for this season! The clothes were super in style (silk, velvet, off the shoulder, I could go on) and if they hadn’t been out of pieces in my size, I would’ve grabbed half of the store. I ended up walking into the dressing room with four items, loving them all, and purchasing two because my bank account was already feeling the heat from a purchase of Pure Barre classes I’d made less than an hour before.

So if you are like me and have been a little hit and miss with Anthropologie in the past, I would highly recommend checking them out again for this seasons options. Here are some other pieces I found browsing on their website that would be hard for me to have said no to last night had I seen them in my size:

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  1. Alice says:

    Aww I love anthropologie!

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