Fall Staples I Don’t Own


I know a lot of bloggers, myself included, write posts about things you simply “must have” for a specific season. And I don’t know about you, but reading these posts I automatically assume that the person writing them must own the items that they are claiming are needed. And that’s where I come in. I’m here to tell you all that I don’t own all of the Fall “essentials” and that’s ok!

So I thought I’d lay it out straight and come clean about why I’m missing a handful of Fall staples:

  1. I want staple pieces that will last a long time (more than a year or two)
  2. If you want pieces that last a long time they have to be higher quality
  3. Higher quality comes with a higher price point
  4. Higher price points make me super picky about finding the perfect whatever I’m looking for
  5. I spend too much time looking for said “perfect” item and never end up purchasing it.

I can’t be the only one who has the same thought process, right?

Any who, I thought I’d share with you my handful of Fall “essentials” that I’m essentially too picky to spend money 🙂

  • Cape– I need one that’s black, preferably wool, has a hood with no fur, and comes down to about my knees.
  • Booties– I need suede boots in a taupe color that have a rounded toe, the perfect heel height, have a large enough opening at the top for my large ankles, and come up to above my ankle)
  • Peacoat– I need a neutral peacoat, preferably with toggles that has a loose hood and comes down to my knees..
  • Vest – I need a slightly down vest in a neutral color (I’m thinking army green) that has a spread collar, and can go over a sweater without being too tight or too loose




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