My Tips for a Makeup Novice


I absolutely love being the go-to makeup person within my circles of friends. Giving tips, tricks, advice and recommendations about makeup to my friends to help them feel more beautiful is something I take a lot of joy in. And what started as just this gave me the motivation to start this blog! And I can’t believe it’s taken me a year and half to realize I haven’t written a post like this, but here it is now! Here are my top tips and things to know for someone who is just starting out in makeup:

  1. Pick one: Lips or Eyes. If you go big on your eyes (think smokey), go easy on the lips. If you go for a bold lip, go minimal on the eyes.
  2. Discover your undertones. There are lots of tricks out there to find which one (warm or cool) you are, but I recently heard one that made a lot of sense to me. If you wear a lot of gold jewelry, you’re most likely warm toned. If you wear mostly silver, you’re probably cool toned. If you can get away with both, you’re neutral!
  3. Where your brows naturally end is not wear you should stop filling them in. Due to over-plucking and waxing at a young age our eyebrows can stop growing hair where they normally would. A helpful guide to how/where you should fill your brows in can be found here!
  4. Don’t go straight to the higher end stores because you think they have good stuff. A lot of the time you can find just as great quality products at your drugstore or high street. That being said, do some research. Go to somewhere like that contains both high end and less high end and search for a product to compare reviews.
  5. Ask for help! People in Sephora/Ulta/Blue Mercury are there for a reason and obviously have a passion for makeup. Just because their face is made up to the nines doesn’t mean they can’t help you find an “everyday” item. Some places even encourage their employees to wear a minimum number of products so don’t be scared away by their full faced looks!

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  1. Rime A. says:

    Love this post! Short, sweet and to the point! Definitely a great read for beginners! Great work ❤ xoxo

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