Anthropologie on Point

There are some stores that I kind of get suckered into going into a lot with friends and never really end up finding anything. Anthropologie has kinda been one of those stores for me. Their prices are very steep and a lot of the time I find their clothes too whimsical for me.

Cue my walking into their store yesterday. I was BLOWN away by their selection for this season! The clothes were super in style (silk, velvet, off the shoulder, I could go on) and if they hadn’t been out of pieces in my size, I would’ve grabbed half of the store. I ended up walking into the dressing room with four items, loving them all, and purchasing two because my bank account was already feeling the heat from a purchase of Pure Barre classes I’d made less than an hour before.

So if you are like me and have been a little hit and miss with Anthropologie in the past, I would highly recommend checking them out again for this seasons options. Here are some other pieces I found browsing on their website that would be hard for me to have said no to last night had I seen them in my size:


Fall Staples I Don’t Own


I know a lot of bloggers, myself included, write posts about things you simply “must have” for a specific season. And I don’t know about you, but reading these posts I automatically assume that the person writing them must own the items that they are claiming are needed. And that’s where I come in. I’m here to tell you all that I don’t own all of the Fall “essentials” and that’s ok!

So I thought I’d lay it out straight and come clean about why I’m missing a handful of Fall staples:

  1. I want staple pieces that will last a long time (more than a year or two)
  2. If you want pieces that last a long time they have to be higher quality
  3. Higher quality comes with a higher price point
  4. Higher price points make me super picky about finding the perfect whatever I’m looking for
  5. I spend too much time looking for said “perfect” item and never end up purchasing it.

I can’t be the only one who has the same thought process, right?

Any who, I thought I’d share with you my handful of Fall “essentials” that I’m essentially too picky to spend money 🙂

  • Cape– I need one that’s black, preferably wool, has a hood with no fur, and comes down to about my knees.
  • Booties– I need suede boots in a taupe color that have a rounded toe, the perfect heel height, have a large enough opening at the top for my large ankles, and come up to above my ankle)
  • Peacoat– I need a neutral peacoat, preferably with toggles that has a loose hood and comes down to my knees..
  • Vest – I need a slightly down vest in a neutral color (I’m thinking army green) that has a spread collar, and can go over a sweater without being too tight or too loose



Hump Day Camel

Happy hump day! An in honor of humps, I wanted to post about a color (or animal) that pokes it head out every Fall that I am getting way more into this year. In the past I’ve been a little apprehensive about wearing camel since the color kind of clashed with my hair but since I’ve been going more blonde, the color doesn’t seem nearly as scary to me! Here are some of my favorite camel picks for the season:

Peacoat // Parka // Turtleneck // Booties // Tote // Sandals // Skirt

September Favorites


I can’t believe we’re practically in October! September was just fabulous and was filled with shopping, exercising outside, weddings, more travelling, and lots of Fall scents and flavors. I can’t wait until October so I can REALLY get into the swing of things 🙂

Pandora Thumbprint Station – This station is basically a culmination of all the songs and stations that you already listen to and love and combines them. Mine is hectic collection of James Bay, Calvin Harris, Jay-Z, musicals and some classical pieces.

Mr.Kate – This girl is basically living the life I would love to lead. She redesigns and decorates peoples homes as well as her own with the help of her husband Joey. Her spunk, spirit and dynamic with her husband is adorable and highly entertaining.

Jergens Daily Moisturizer – I got this on a whim when I couldn’t find my usual CeraVe Moisturizing Cream and I really like it! Unlike CeraVe, this moisturizer has a (what I think is) oceanic smell that is super minimal and relaxing. Plus it gets the job done!

Anastasia Brow Whiz in Taupe– I will definitely be doing a product review on this but for now, I love this! It glides on super easily, has great staying power and is a perfect match for brows What more could you want?

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rose Gold – This is my new eye primer/shadow for everyday use. It is super lightweight, easy to blend in and stays in place all day!

Weekly Tid Bits

First official weekend of Fall, check! I spent lots of time shopping for Fall goodies, walking around outside enjoying the foliage, watching scary movies and eating Fall themed treats 🙂


Gorgeous dishware at the annual antique show in my home town


A little DIYing, can you guess what I was up to?


Popcorn was the only way we could control Lila on the leash


Quick cuddlesesh


End of weekend tea time