August Favorites

August definitely had its ups and downs: Up – my birthday! Down – Sore throat / possible concussion. Up – NYC! Down – Spent way too much money in NYC. Up – Finally got to the doctor’s office! Down – Breaking out. As you can see, there was a lot of stuff thrown at me but it was still a great way to end my Summer 🙂

Fage Greek Yogurt – Greek Yogurt (the fruit flavored ones) and granola have been my go-to breakfast of the Summer. My favorite flavor is peach 🙂

Bare Naked Granola in Fruit and Nutty– This is by far my favorite granola to pair with my Chobani. I love the pecans! And it’s not too sweet, which I appreciate.

Dark Places – Technically I haven’t finished this book yet but I’m 3/4 of the way done and it’s definitely a page turner. It’s by the woman who wrote Gone Girl so if you enjoyed that book, this is a similar, slightly darker story.

Markiplier (Lethe) – I love it when YouTubers (especially one of my favorites) does a full game run through. This game was from the same creators as Amnesia and definitely brought me back. If you like watching scary games, you’ll like this one! Also very dark.

I Am What I Amethyst – I love this color with a tan. I wore it for the Fourth and again for my birthday. It’s become my holiday color for Summer!



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  1. I loved reading Dark Places! I liked it much more than gone girl 🙂

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    1. I need to finish it! I hope I like the ending more than I liked the ending of Gone Girl!


      1. I really liked the ending actually! I was doubtful after reading gone girl, but in my opinion dark places was much better 🙂

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  2. I stopped reading Dark Places a few months ago – I was only halfway. It didn’t have the same pull and curiosity from the the way Gone Girl did…but seeing as though you and the above commentators seem to like it, I may give it another shot.
    That shade of OPI is stunning!

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    1. You should! The ending is turning out to be pretty gripping

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  3. I love granola and Greek yoghurt during the Summer 🙂 Jay x

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