Favorite Fashion Trends for Fall 2016

I know it’s still August which means we still have a good bit of Summer weather left but since there’s been a drought in MA for basically the entire season, the leaves and grass have already started to turn here in New England. And seeing as I’ve already had some beach and pool time this Summer (and don’t really have anything else planned), I’m just about ready for the change of seasons. And nothing gets me more excited for Fall than Fall fashion! Well that and Toasted Graham latte’s at Starbucks, but I digress..

Here are some trends I’m looking forward to seeing more of this Fall and possibly try out for myself. I’d love to know what you guys are looking forward to and by all means, let me know what I’m missing!

Shearling Bomber Jackets – I love jackets, especially one’s that are a little more fun than your regular peacoat or Patagonia. I think adding shearling to this recent Summer staple that is the Bomber Jacket is a great way to transition this design into the colder months.

Pumpkin Spice  – I may not love (or like for that matter) Pumpkin Spice Latte’s but I think I might be able to stomach the color. I’ve never been an orange fan but maybe this burnt version will change my mind.

Velvet – This is not a trend I plan on trying myself as I don’t love the feel of velvet but I do like how it looks on others!

Leopard Print – This is by no means groundbreaking but I do think adding pops (shoes or accessories) of Leopard Print to otherwise dull outfits can be quite cute.





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