Healthy Substitutions I’ve Made


Soy Milk – I’m not a huge milk drinker but I AM a huge cereal/tea/latte aficionado. Soy milk is a little sweeter than regular milk so when I started adding this to tea and lattes, I lost the need to add sugar.

Greek Yogurt – I can’t stand regular greek yogurt on its own but gimme some honey, fruit and granola and I’m a go.

Whole Wheat – I honestly like the taste of whole wheat pasta and bread more than the white variety. And even if you don’t, adding any sort of topping or sauce to whole wheat completely masks the taste.

Seltzer Water – I’ll admit it, I still indulge in Diet Coke way too much but when I’m trying to be cleaner I’ll go for a flavored Seltzer. Raspberry lime is my favorite!

Ground Turkey – Chili? Tacos? Sausage? Substitute ground turkey for ground beef. Everything I’ve tried with ground turkey and seasoning in it tastes virtually the same. And sometimes better (I’m looking at you turkey burger).


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