Office Supplies (of the less boring variety)

When I first started out in an office job I didn’t know what to expect in my office. And at first, I was a little underwhelmed with the amount of space I had but over the past three years my space has grown and with that, my must-haves at my desk. Here are the things I think are necessary to have at an office of any size that give it a little bit of life.

  1. Fun water bottle to stay hydrated
  2. Calendar with a fun theme (think beaches or animals)
  3. Moisturizing Lotion, for obvious reasons
  4. Cute mug for your daily fix of caffeine, or hot chocolate 😉
  5. Headphones, for those days when mindless activities take up a large majority of your time
  6. Something from a trip you’ve taken to remind you what you’re working for (I have a little turtle paper weight from Antigua)

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