Household Life Savers

Ever since moving into my apartment in Cambridge a little over two years ago, my eyes have slowly been opening to just how many household items are out there. There are a few in specific that I have purchased over the years that I have either discovered through a friend or family member that have really been life savers and I honestly had never heard of or would’ve never tried unless they’d showed them to me. Here are some of my favorite household items that make my life a little easier:

  • Depiller – This is like therapy for me. I use this on sweaters, cardigans, and any other type of clothing that gets those little balls of fuzz stuck on them every couple washes.
  • Knife Sharpener – I recently saved purchasing my parents a new set of knives by using this on their set. My mom is now scared to use the knives now because they’re so sharp..
  • Mr.Clean Magic Eraser – Seriously is magic against any type of stain or scuff on any white surface. I use this every couple of months to spiff everything up.

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