Cult Following MAC Shades that Don’t Work for Me

When a lipstick gets labeled a cult classic, you know it’s doing something right. But I’ve found new meaning to the saying that “just cause everyone else is doing it, does not necessarily mean you should too” after trying on some of these icons. Of course it’s a matter of opinion but in my opinion, these highly raved about shades do not fit the bill for me. So if you’re one to purchase cult classics due to their popularity, you might want to think twice.

Rebel – This lipstick on me looked purple. I have slightly olivey skin with warm undertones (does that make sense?) so this color came off ultra cool on me which is not in the ball park of shades I can pool off.

Velvet Teddy – I think this lipstick is perfect for people with cool toned and medium toned skin. So me being a warm toned person, this lipstick looked very bluey pink on me and actually gave me the look of someone who’s lips are turning purple because they’re cold. Not a good look. In fact, one of the people working at MAC agreed with my utter disappointment in how the color looked on me. I appreciated her honesty.

Snob – It says on their website that this lipstick has hundreds of hues but there’s only one color I saw when I put this color on my lips and it was not pretty. Don’t get me wrong, off of my face it’s a really cute color! Cue application on my lips and everything falls apart. Cool baby pink + yellowy warm skin = reject from Katy Perry’s California Girls music video. Needless to say I turned this one down.


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  1. Tosom says:

    You should have included the lip swatches as well!! And girl! You have a great sense of humour with a touch of sarcasm. Liked your way of writing. 🤗

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    1. Thanks so much! And I totally agree, I wish I’d thought of this post before my last trip to MAC. I’ll try and remember for next time!


  2. tatetiffany says:

    Loved reading your post

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  3. Lipstick is such a fickle thing, the same shade can look completely different on two people. When I first started getting into makeup, Snob was HUGE at that time…looked so beautiful on other girls, so I went to go try it on, and it looked absolutely horrendous. It’s nice when SA’s will be honest and say that something doesn’t look good on you. It drives me crazy when you know something doesn’t look quite right, but they still try to convince you it looks good and you should get it.

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    1. Totally agree. Plus it makes me value their opinion even more in the long run! If they’re being honest about what doesn’t look good, you know you can trust their opinion when they say something does.

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