Best Ways to Deal with Stress


Everyone has different ways of dealing with stress in their life. And although now isn’t a particularly stressful time in my own, I am always up for taking advice on how other’s destress for when those not-so-fun times pop up. So with that being said I wanted to share with you all the top ways in which I destress during more hectic times in my life in hopes of them possibly helping you out in the future. Some of these may be super obvious but all of them are definitely worth a try.

  1. Think about how things could be worse. I try to remember this whenever I’m having a hard time dealing with something. In the grand scheme of things, is whatever I’m stressing about really that bad in comparison to how bad things could be? Chances are they’re not.
  2. Talk with someone else about their problems. Some times in order to get out of our own head we need to try to get into the head of someone else. Listening to and trying to work through someone else’s problems may give you the distraction you need and remind you that no one has it all figured out. Everyone has shi@#$ times, you’re not alone 🙂 And hey, misery likes company right?
  3.  Exercise. Sometimes thinking about a stressful situation can bring clarity but other times, ruminating over something can make a situation seem worse than it actually is (even when a lot of the time you can’t do anything to change it). Going for a run or going to an exercise class can totally get me out of my own head. Whether it’s 15 minutes or an hour, it’s time for your brain and sometimes heart to take a break from feeling anxious. After that you can get back to stressing all you want.
  4. Watch a Show. Similar to exercise, sometimes your body just needs a break from feeling anxious. Watching something on tv that allows you to think about something other than whatever’s stressing you out is sometimes all you need to feel better.
  5. Schedule time with friends or family. If I’m stressing out about getting something done, this gives me motivation to do it on time. If I’m just stressed in general my friends and family are the best people for me to either to talk to about it or distract me from it. Just let them know which you’d prefer to do that day 🙂



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