The Little Things I Buy the Most

It’s been three years since I’ve joined the “real world” which means that I have been making my own money for three years. And with earning comes spending and I have definitely spent a fair amount. The thing is, I am a strong proponent that it’s the little things that make you happy from day to day (such a strong proponent that it’s on this blog’s title page!) so instead of buying a few big purchases throughout the year, I decide to spend less money more often on small things that make the majority of my days a little brighter 🙂 Here are the things I buy the most that do just this:

  • Latte’s – Grande Soy Iced Latte = an hour of happiness for me. During the winter I’ll opt for the non-iced version or the Toasted Graham Latte.
  • Diet Coke – I know that there are sooo many other healthy options out there to choose from but I can’t help it. There is nothing like cracking open an ice cold diet coke and chugging it on a hot day.
  • Candles – I am a self-professed candle addict. I make it a habit to buy a new candle (or candles) for the changing of each season because I simply love the aesthetic and different aromas they give my apartment.
  • Scarves – It’s rare that you’ll see my scarfless during the colder months. Since the majority of my closet is made up of solids, layering patterned scarfs on top of my outfits is a super easy way to spice up and otherwise dull outfit. Plus they’re cheaper than most articles of clothing!

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