How to Live with Bangs

In October of 2014 I decided to make the most drastic change o my hair that I had made since I was 10 years old: I got bangs. And over a year and a half later I am still rocking the bangs look. Now I’ll admit, when I go them I definitely did not know what to do with them at first so I thought I’d share my advice with those of you that are maybe craving a change!

  • Bring in pictures of exactly what you want to your hairdresser. There are lots of types of bangs and you want to make sure they know what look you’re going for.
  • Be prepared to blow dry your bangs. Left alone to dry mine fall limp and flat on my face. I don’t even blow dry my whole head though, usually just my bangs.
  • Don’t think twice of washing just your bangs before styling. Since your bangs can build up oil from your face quicker than the rest of your hair, I’ve made a habit of running water through my bangs over the sink and blow drying them to give them a spruce up that makes it easy to restyle them.
  • Get some good dry shampoo. If you don’t have time to wet and restyle your bangs, dry shampoo usually does the trick.
  • Learn how to give your bangs a trim or ask your hair stylist if they’ll do bang trims for free. A lot of them do which makes keeping them out of your face when they grow out a whole lot easier.

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