The Work In

I’m proud of the fact that over the past three years I have broadened my exercise horizons tremendously. I’m now a runner, soccer player, spinner, TRXer, and Pure Barrer (or at least I try to be). So when members of The Work In team reached out to me to try out their products, I had no problem obliging. Here are my thoughts on the products they sent me:

Loop Bands

  • I love that there are different resistances. They make exercises more customizable for your level of expertise and give you a lot more options for exercises.
  • Not sure how I feel about the flatness of the band as sometimes it can role and bunch up. I could just be used to the Pure Barre bands though and am stuck in my ways.
  • They’re surprisingly sturdy! For how light and compact they are, they can definitely take a punch! Or rather an intense stretch.

Core Ball

  • I really liked the size of the ball. It’s a little bigger than the Pure Barre ball which sometimes feels to small to use enough force on.
  • Love that you can inflate it and deflate it quickly to make it super travel friendly.
  • I did find it difficult to blow the ball up and stick the plug in it quick enough to keep the ball inflated to the level I wanted it to be. A couple of tries though and I got it down.

Overall I would definitely recommend The Work In products to others. The convenient size,  and weight and great quality (for a great price) all add up to a worthwhile purchase. I’ll definitely be making good use of them this vacation!


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