My Favorite Place in the World: Martha’s Vineyard

Those of you who have been visiting my blog for a while now may know that my family and I vacation on Martha’s Vineyard every summer for a week or two. And anyone who knows me personally DEFINITELY knows that Martha’s Vineyard is my favorite place in the world. It could be the giant MV map that I hung above my bed every year of college, the pillow sporting a needlepoint map of the island that still resides on my bed, the ring I have worn everyday for the last 8 years of my life that I got at a cart during a visit, or perhaps the gasp that escapes from me every time I discover a new Vineyard goer that gives away my love for the island. But regardless, my passion for the Vineyard is not a secret. Sometimes, however, my love of the island doesn’t completely come through in my blog so I thought I’d take a moment to enlighten you. And for those of you in the New England area, maybe I can even muster up the motivation for a trip of your own.

When did you start going?

My family and I started going the year I was born. (Well technically I was still in my mom’s tummy the first year we went, but that counts). We have gone every year since and have only stayed in two different houses over the past 25 years.

What do you do there?

Go the the beach every day we can. If it’s a gloomier day we’ll go to Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Haven or Edgartown to explore the shops and restaurants.

Favorite memory from the Vineyard?

Too many to count. There used to be a bunch of families with kids around our age at the time so we’d get together a lot and play Spud, Nookum, Alien, Capture the Flag, Monopoly, Sardines, anything really!

Favorite town?

Chilmark. We stay at a house in Chilmark and love the quiet end of the island.

What are your favorite places to visit there?

  • Chilmark Chocolates – A tiny house that sells the best chocolates I’ve ever had and is very famous across the island. Get there early to avoid lines that will eventually lead out the door, down the steps and into the driveway!
  • Chilmark Store – Our go-to for pies, breakfast sandwiches, and pizza. Plus great people watching! My parents have even spotted a few celebrities there a time or two.
  • Menempsha Fish Market – The staff here are super friendly and remember us each year. Plus, you’re just steps away from the jetty and beautiful Menempsha sunsets.
  • The Galley – Usually the end destination for runs or bike rides. They serve soft serve ice cream and all the glorious fried food you should never eat but do anyway.
  • Giordano’s – Classic American style Italian. Big serving sizes right in the heart of Oak Bluffs. Ironically, this is where I tried and learned to love salad!
  • Shops at Gay Head Cliffs – A couple tiny stores right near the scenic Gay Head cliffs and Aquinnah light house. Pop in before you check out the breathtaking view!
  • Pandora’s Box – My mom buys me one thing from here every year for my birthday in August. They have really cute clothes and accessories but beware, they come at a steep price. (Thus the ONE gift.)
  • Bunch of Grapes – The go-to bookstore on the island right near the ferry in Vineyard Haven. I would go here every year to pick up my Summer reading books and other knick knacks I didn’t need.

Favorite way to spend the day?

  • Morning run that ends on the beach followed by a full day at said beach. Mid afternoon I walk back up to the house, shower and lay in the hammock with a glass of wine or cup of tea and read for a bit. This is followed by the daily crossword (or what’s left of it after my dad has had a go at it) and usually a card game or two. Dinner varies but I love it when we pick up stuffed clams to bring home and eat as appetizers before a home cooked meal. At night we rotate between playing poker, Settlers of Catan, watching a movie, reading more or catching up on shows (all very strenuous).

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