Summer Make Up Routine vs. Winter Make Up Routine

Before this year I didn’t tend to change up my everyday makeup seasonally but this year I noticed that over the months between Winter and Summer, my routine had changed drastically. I found that my winged ink liner was a stark contrast to the shimmery copper pencil liner I began to sport and everything from the colors to the weight of the makeup I was wearing became lighter. Here are the major changes I’ve made to my routine over the last few months:

              SUMMER                               WINTER

summer vs winter


Bronzey Brown Pencil (Gel) Liner

Waterproof mascara

Lipgloss or light Liptick

Tinted Moisturizer

Gold Shadows

Natural Tanning Moisturizer



Ink Liner

Non waterproof

Dark Berry Lipstick

Silvery/taupey shadows

Moisturizing Cream



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  1. Rime A. says:

    Omg love this post! So creative! Following😍

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    1. So sweet! Thank you!

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