3 Colors to Make your Tan Look Darker

tanIt’s happening! The tan is happening! After spending 3+ hours out on the water last week and getting sufficiently burnt on my upper thighs, I have now earned my self a nice summery tan. And although I’m completely happy with the shade I’m at now (minus my sports bra tan lines), I’ve found myself continuing to grab for clothes and nail polishes that bring out my tan that much more. Here are my top three picks for colors that will amp up your tan game:

Lilac – Purple and orange are complementary shades which means that they look the least similar to each other on the color wheel. Due to this discrepancy, the colors stand out more when they are next to each other. So when you wear a light lilac color, it will make naturally more orangey skin look even darker against its light counterpart.

White – The obvious choice. White is the lightest color so anything against it will naturally make it look dark in comparison.

Neon Yellow – If you put anything next to a neon color, especially yellow, the brightest of the neon colors, it’s going to seem dark in comparison. Too bad the only neon yellow thing I own is a sports bra..


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