2016 New Years Resolutions Check In

2016.jpg continued..

So we’re almost to the end of June which means we’re just about half way through 2016. I’m not quite sure where the past 6 months went but they’ve gone pretty well so I can’t complain! Here’s how my New Years Resolutions are coming along

  1. Drink more water – I’ve been doing this! I try to get through at least a Nalgene and a half of water during the work day. I added times little dashes with times next to them to show how much I would have like to drank by that time and it’s been working out really well so far 🙂 No more afternoon headaches!
  2. Get a promotion – This one is still in the works but I’ve definitely gained a lot more responsibilities at the office and am in talks with my boss about my next moves.
  3. Learn to cook more quick and easy recipes – Not gonna lie, I have made zero headway on this one.
  4. Run another 10k – I’m actually thinking about running a half marathon this Fall so if not I’ll definitely be running another 10k after the Summer heat passes
  5. Take the GMAT and do well on it – Well I didn’t take the GMAT but I did take the GRE and do well! I’ll say that counts.

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