Favorite “Non Sephora” Brands

I don’t think anyone would doubt that the easiest place to satisfy all your beauty needs in one place is Sephora. The store has the most makeup and brands per square foot than any other shop or department store that I’ve ever been or heard of so it makes it the most convenient place to buy.

But of course, Sephora cannot possibly sell every brand of makeup out there and I do have some favorites (not including drugstore) that I do have to venture elsewhere to purchase. There aren’t too many but the ones I have I definitely believe are worth sharing. Here are my favorite beauty brands that aren’t sold at Sephora.

MAC – Obvious I know but it counts! Their lipsticks are consistently amazing and the ability to pick and choose shadows to create your own palette is much appreciated.

Colourpop – I’d never felt an powder eye shadow so wet and creamy before I purchased one of Colourpop’s (Hammered- a metallic). You truly have to feel it to believe it. Their lipsticks, particularly their mattes, are also incredibly comfortable and long-lasting.

Morphe – If you’re looking for cheap (not MAC or high end prices) and amazing brushes, look no further. I purchased several of their brushes online and the high quality of these brushes is quite apparent. I’ll definitely continue purchasing my brushes through Morphe. Plus I’ve heard their eye shadow palettes are to-die-for.

Lorac – I am a loyal Naked Palette buyer but the one Lorac palette that I own is my favorite of them all. Their shadows are pretty much on the same level with ColourPop but they have them in palette form (which Colourpop doesn’t really) so that’s a big plus. I’m planning on purchasing their new palette as soon as it comes out this Summer.


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  1. danniijane says:

    Where do you buy Color Pop, Morphe and Lorac in the US? I don’t know why but I just thought Sephora sold it all lol x

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    1. Only online unfortunately :/ but still worth it

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      1. danniijane says:

        Oh really? That sucks I thought if I ever went to the US I could actually get the stuff in shops😑 x

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      2. Yeah I’m waiting for that day too…

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  2. Still haven’t tried LORAC but I’ve heard great things. Love ColourPop and Morphe

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  3. I love Mac products! I just recently got my first colourpop order and I love it! I love morphe’s brushes!!


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  4. do you find the colorpop ones easy to blend?

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    1. I’ve only used their shimmer shades to go on top of mattes but those were easy enough to blend!

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