My Favorite Flowers

I am under the impression that every home should have fresh flowers in it at any given time. Unfortunately, having graduated college 3 years ago and still working my way up to a well paying job, the reality is that I cannot afford said fresh flowers the grand majority of the time. But this dream will become a reality. Eventually.

That being said, I have been around flowers enough to know some of my favorites. So if there’s some of you out there that would like some recommendations and have some spare cash that you just don’t know what to do with, look no farther!

Jasmine – While I don’t come across this flower terribly often, I can always smell when I do. The scent of Jasmine is one that reminds me of my childhood because I used to have a Disney princess doll set that included perfumes for each of the princesses. Naturally Jasmine had a Jasmine scent and it always takes me back.

Honeysuckle – I don’t necessarily think this would make a great bouquet but I definitely plan on growing Honeysuckle bushes when I have a place with space for some greenery. I said this in my post yesterday but Honeysuckle trees were abundant at the house my family summered at on the Vineyard when I was growing up so I always associate this scent with childhood and happy summer times.

Lilly of the Valley – Another flower that it near and dear to my heart due to the fact that they grew around my childhood home. I absolutely adore the scent and they look pretty darn precious too.

Peony – This is my favorite bouquet flower by far. They look so beautiful and smell delicious. What more can I say?



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