CVS Restock Haul

Not including money spent on rent and food, I definitely spend the majority of my paycheck at CVS. Over the past three years I have become a VIP of theirs and have saved probably over $100 thanks to the enormous amounts of coupons I receive from them. So when I was running low on some of my essentials I knew I would be hitting up my local CVS for what turned out to be a rather larger shopping haul. A lot of these products are repurchases but some I just thought I’d give a go to spice things up 🙂


  • St. Ives Body Wash (New Purchase) – I picked this up because I was looking for a Paraben free exfoliating body wash and this was the only one I could find. But it smells nice!
  • Clear Care (Repurchase) – My go-to contact lens solution now. I have Chronic Dry Eye so I need stuff that packs a little extra cleaning/moisturizing punch.
  • Floss Picks (Repurchase) – I floss every night because I’m terrified of getting Gingivitis so I go through a bag of these every couple of months.
  • Secret Clinical Strength (Repurchase) – I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve repurchased this. Best deodorant I’m come across so far.
  • Jergens Natural Glow in Firming Light to Medium (Repurchase) – I repurchase this every Summer not to necessarily add more tan to my skin but to prolong the tan that I naturally get from being out in the sun. Just remember to wash your hands after applying!
  • Garnier Micellar Water (Repurchase) – I love this stuff for taking off my makeup because it is oil-free and super light. I do have to moisturize after using this though to replenish some of the moisture it takes out of my skin. But I’d much rather do that then try to get an oily makeup remover off.
  • Pepto-Bismal (Repurchase) – A life saver after a night of drinks and way too much food.

5 Phone Cases for Those of Us who are Scared of Color

If I’m going to be holding and using something everyday for the foreseeable future (think purses, wallets, phones, keys) I never get too experimental. I’ve realized that the only colors and patterns I do not get bored of after a certain amount of time are black, white, metallics, and beige (colorful I know). So with that being said, I recently acquired the iPhone 6 and have been on the hunt for a new case. These are the 5 I’ve come up with:

Weekly Tid Bits

This past week was exhausting and now that the summer heat it finally here, I’m sleeping more poorly and feeling a lot more sluggish than usual. But I’ve kept up the pace and have been keeping busy with the following!


Strawberry FoMu for the first time ever!


Eating said FomuIMG_6426.JPGBeautiful view from the Boston CommonIMG_6414.JPGMy current beauty obsession of La La ColourPop

Summer Eye Look

I have never been a huge rose gold fan but after purchasing the Colour Pop shade La La on a whim I’ve become obsessed with using these pinky/gold/bronzy shades. The following looks are ones I’ve created using only shades from my Naked 3 palette and my Colour Pop shadow and I absolutely love it for a Summer look. It’s an easy day-to-night look and since I don’t use any liquid or gel liner, I never really have to touch it up!



  • Lid – Colour Pop La La
  • Crease – Naked 3 Looner
  • Lower Lash Liner – Naked 3 Factory
  • Outer V and Upper Lash Liner – Darkside
  • Inner Corner – Becca Champagne Pop
  • Eye Liner – Colour Pop Over Board


2016 New Years Resolutions Check In

2016.jpg continued..

So we’re almost to the end of June which means we’re just about half way through 2016. I’m not quite sure where the past 6 months went but they’ve gone pretty well so I can’t complain! Here’s how my New Years Resolutions are coming along

  1. Drink more water – I’ve been doing this! I try to get through at least a Nalgene and a half of water during the work day. I added times little dashes with times next to them to show how much I would have like to drank by that time and it’s been working out really well so far 🙂 No more afternoon headaches!
  2. Get a promotion – This one is still in the works but I’ve definitely gained a lot more responsibilities at the office and am in talks with my boss about my next moves.
  3. Learn to cook more quick and easy recipes – Not gonna lie, I have made zero headway on this one.
  4. Run another 10k – I’m actually thinking about running a half marathon this Fall so if not I’ll definitely be running another 10k after the Summer heat passes
  5. Take the GMAT and do well on it – Well I didn’t take the GMAT but I did take the GRE and do well! I’ll say that counts.