Vacation Shoes


A week from tomorrow I’ll be leaving for a two week trip to Italy with my family and although I’m incredibly nervous for the flights (extreme fear of flying) I cannot wait to get there and explore all that the beautiful country has to offer. We’re going to be staying in Venice, Tuscany with day trips to Florence, and Rome. I’ve never actually taken a trip for this long before (besides summer vacation trips to the Martha’s Vineyard when I was tiny) and have definitely never been out of the country for this long. So needless to say, packing for this trip is slightly uncharted territory. We’re bringing one bag per person and while I think I won’t run in to much trouble packing versatile clothing, different shoes will be key in transforming my day looks into night looks when I have limited options for outfits. Here’s what I’ll be bringing:

*= I own these exact shoes


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  1. Enjoy your vacation! It’s definitely one of my top five dream vacations. Another thing we have in common: Shoes! I always pack too many. I also pack too few appropriate shoes, choosing to suffer over comfort. Your selection looks like the perfect mix of shoes to rise to any occasion. I’m looking forward to you posting about your trip, with a few photos. Be safe! Have fun! Eat all the gelato!

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    1. Thanks so much! I’ll definitely be sharing lots from the trip and eating an unhealthy amount of gelato 🙂

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