Sneaker Inspiration

Being a lady on the shorter side (5’4 to be exact), sneakers have not been one of the most obvious choices for fashionable footwear for me. You could say I wear booties 9/10 times if I want to dress something up a little more. But recently within the past year or so, sneakers have come back into the lime light and have inspired me to purchase a new pair, and not just for running in. I’m going to be in Italy for two weeks coming up and I know I’ll be doing a lot of walking so these new sneaks will be arriving just in time for them to get some serious use. But before I purchased this pair, I perused the internet to get inspiration and make sure the pair I was picking was just right. Here are some of the pictures that made my Pinterest board that I found exemplified chic sneaks and all of the different ways to style them.



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  1. Lovely collage and blog, definitely going to follow. xx

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  2. sandymimosas says:

    Very nice!

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  3. marielelena says:

    I’m also on the shorter side and I’ve been wearing my Nike’s with some stylish outfits these past few weeks❤️


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