Makeup Tips You’ve Never Heard Before


There are some tips that everyone in the makeup world has heard. Think “apply heavy eye shadow before the rest of your face makeup” and “fill your lips in with a liner before you go in with a lipstick.” But there are also some that I’ve either never heard anyone say that I’ve found are really helpful and some that I’ve only heard once or twice that have made a big difference in my application. So in case you haven’t figured them out on your own or heard them from other sources, I thought I’d try to help out a little and share them with you. Let me know what you think!

  • Lift your eyebrows when applying brow pencil. This will flatten out the surface of your skin and make application more easy and precise.
  • Squeeze a powder brush to create a contour brush to save some money and time!
  • Apply mascara to top of lashes, and not just bottom side. This will make your curl last longer.
  • When creating an eye shadow look with tape, place the piece of tape on the back of your hand and peal it off once before placing on the skin around the eye to make it less harsh when you pull it off later
  • Hold your makeup brush closer to the end that is farther away from your face. This gives you a lighter hand for blending and depositing color. (Do not do this for eyeliner though!)

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  1. nayardt says:

    Lovely tips!


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