Recently Purchased Beauty Items

The past month or two have not been terribly exciting in the purchasing department but I have picked up a few bits and pieces over the last couple of weeks. And not having as much free time as usual, I haven’t been making my way over to Sephora as much and instead have been opting for drugstore alternatives.


EOS Lip Balm – A cute Easter gift from my cousin. Mine’s in the light blue shade which is rasperry? I think? It smells and tastes good whatever it is. (It’s actually Blueberry Acai)

Beauty Blender – I caved. Since I bought my new shade of tinted moisturizer, I figured I would get something new to apply it with and this was the obvious choice. It blends everything out sooo quickly and smoothly!

NYX Butter Gloss in Fortune Cookie– This is the only drugstore brand lip gloss that I’ve heard rave reviews about. And seeing as I recently lost my NARS Chelsea Girls (quiet sob), I figured I needed a replacement and this is it. It tastes like childhood (almost candy flavored), stays shiny and not sticky for a good while and I just want to eat it..

NARS Tinted Moisturizer in Finland – I thought that I had purchased my “pale” shade last year in Groenland. Apparently I didn’t because I’m even more pasty this year. Finland is my cirrent shade of “I haven’t seen sun in months” skin.



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  1. Anna.xo says:

    I’m obsessed with the NYX butter glosses! They’re amazing.

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    1. I’m definitely gonna be buying more!

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  2. Molly says:

    I love the NARS tinted moisturizer! Great post!

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