Time Saving Life Hacks


I’ve said it before here and I’ll say it again: I am someone who loves to stay busy. I love having something to do 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. So with this busy (some may call hectic) schedule, I’ve had to learn how to streamline some processes to help me save time and energy on things I may not want to be doing and allowed me to spend more time on the things that I actually do. Here are some ways I’ve made my life a little easier and given myself time back in day so I can stay on top of my schedule:

  1. Leave keys at your door – I’m never scrambling to find where they are since I know they’re always in the same place. Putting a hook up next to my door has worked too!
  2. Plan outfit the night before – My head is much more in it at night than at 7am so it takes so much less time for me to figure out what to wear the day before. Plus I get more sleep!
  3. Keep all day-to-day makeup in one spot – This is mostly so I don’t let my eyes wander around all of the other things I could wear on plain old work days. I can take everything out at once and just go.
  4. Blow dry hair at night – I am a night showerer and I HATE going to bed with wet hair. Plus I have bangs so blow drying them is a necessity. But I realized that if I blow dried my hair at night and slept on it, I don’t have to do anything to it the next morning to get my usually kinky hair ready!
  5. Keep an extra pair of headphones and a charger at the office – Before I did this I was always scrambling last minute to find both of these and rush to work with them. Now I don’t have to bother to grab them at all!
  6. Learn to paint your own nails – I can’t imagine how much time and money I’ve spent by learning to do my own nails. Will they look as good as a salon manicure? No. But after you practice enough will anyone else be able to tell the difference? Also no. I’ve been painting my own nails for years now and people are always asking me if I got  them done. So if a girl with no hand-eye coordination can do it, so can you.
  7. Have a bottle of water in your fridge at all times – I cycle  between two Nalgenes full of water in my apartment at all  times. One I’ll be drinking out of while I keep the other one in the fridge. When I get home from work, I’ll take out the one I had in the fridge and drink from that the rest of the night. Before I go to bed, I put the other one in the fridge for the next day and repeat the next day. I save time getting a new cup and ice every time I want a chug of cold water.

I hope some of these may help you guys out!


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