Purchased in NYC

As you may know from my previous posts, I recently took a weekend trip to NYC. And as always, I hit up SoHo and picked up some Springy pieces to really kick off the new season. Here’s what I chose!

purchased in NYC

  • MAC Mocha Lipstick – A satin finish that is pretty much my perfect MLBB (my lips but better) shade.
  • MAC Whirl Lip Pencil – If you haven’t heard about this color already I’d be a little surprised because this became super popular when Kylie Jenner admitted to using it. it goes perfectly with Mocha and I finally own a nude liner!
  • Aritzia Shorts (similar) – High waisted shorts that are loose in all the right places and come down below my butt make the perfect shorts for me. Unlike the denim diapers that I’ve seen, these ones actually cover everything and give me wiggle space!
  • Aritzia Skirt (in black) – I think this super comfy and versatile skirt will be a go-to piece this spring and summer, especially when I’m gonna be in Italy.
  • Topshop Camis (in white and red) – I think these will go perfectly with any high waisted shorts or skirts I have. They’re tight enough to keep a shape but loose enough to be comfortable and a little swingy at the bottom.

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  1. Stef says:

    Love that skirt! I love aritzia and so happy the prudential store is now open!

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    1. Me too! I’m definitely going to become a valued customer there way too quickly..

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