FITNESS JOURNEY Part I-How I got started


Growing up I always played soccer. No matter what season or time of year it was, I was playing for at least one team and more likely, two or three at the same time, so I never really had to worry about gaining weight or being out of shape because my schedule simply didn’t allow for it!

Then came college. And for the most part, I worked out a couple of times a week, usually running or playing in intramural leagues but never following a strict schedule. Now this was all fine and dandy up until Senior year when life got too busy with classes, labs, friends, a boyfriend, and the overwhelming pressure I was feeling to “live in the now” and “enjoy your senior year!” while I could.. So I gained a little bit of weight and became completely out of shape. I was still running about once a week but I knew I could and should have been doing more. The Fall after graduating I went to a regular checkup at my doctor’s office and found out that I had gained around 7 pounds, which in fact is not a lot to gain! But for someone who had always stayed about the same weight and never worried about weight gain before, this was a big deal for me. And this definitely lit a flame under my bum.

I decided I was going to start working out more. And not just twice a week, I was going to make a conscious effort to make myself fit again. My sister had told me about Pure Barre classes a couple months back and I’d started to go about once every two weeks. I signed up for class the next day, a Monday. After that class I felt good and signed up for another one on Thursday, giving me enough time to recuperate. The next day I realized I had a coworker who ran so we decided we would go on a quick run together after work the following day, Wednesday. During our run I was completely distracted by the new route and the conversation, it was actually fun and felt like hanging out instead of a workout! The next day it was Pure Barre again and since the classes change every time, I experienced new exercises and felt proud that I had made it to two classes in a week! Friday and Saturday passed and by Sunday I felt like I needed to move again so I went for a slower run through my parents home town, which ended up being a longer route since I was going at a slower pace.

By the end of the week I was tired but excited that I actually had made it through 4 days of exercise in 7 days! This invigorated me to see if I could do it for another week! And it did. After a couple of weeks I had gotten my Pure Barre and running routine down. Pure Barre on Monday, Tuesday off, Wednesday run with my friend and explore Boston, Thursday Pure Barre, Friday and Saturday off, Sunday a longer run.

I started this routine back in early October of 2013 to lose some weight and get back in shape. It’s been over two years now and I have yet to miss a workout (besides when I got my wisdom teeth out or have been bed ridden with illness). Obviously I have had to switch workout days around, skip days and make them up later or get them in early, but I have motivations now that I didn’t have before.

Wanna hear about the motivations that keep me going now? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post 🙂


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  1. marielelena says:

    Loved this post! I just recently starting taking barre classes and I’m in love 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! They’re really addicting right?

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