Weekly Tid Bits

I would like to say that this past week will have been the busiest one I’ll have in a while. Unfortunately, but also fortunately, my plate only gets fuller and fuller as this month continues to progress. To give you an idea of what I’ll be doing for the next month, think Maine trip, GRE studying, Vermont trip, engagement celebrations, more GRE studying, NYC trip, and even more GRE studying. But let’s just try to stay in the now (or more this past week) for the moment. Here’s how I’ve recently been keeping busy:

Rewarded myself with a Passionfruit Iced Tea and a sunny stretch after my 8 mile run
Surprisingly good Costco Creme Brulee!
MAC swatches. I was clearly going for one color
Hard to tell but this was a delicious Caprese with Prosciutto sandwhich I whipped up for din
Got my vote on for the primary

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