Personalized Gift Ideas

I am someone who looovess giving personalized gifts. I was raised on the notion that “it’s the thought that matters” so even when I was young and didn’t have enough money to pay for pricey things for people, my parents always appreciated the things that I made for them that were personalized for them. Some of these included beaded bracelets made with my mom’s favorite oceany colors, a hat I crocheted for my dad to run in, and more recently, personalized calendars with each month displaying pictures of our family from past year.

So when I came across the website Not On The High Street looking for engagement presents for a recently engaged, I was thrilled. It was full of personalized gifts that I couldn’t help but browse through and I ended up picking a few that I thought would make great gifts for an array of occasions and people.  Enjoy!


  • Typographic Print – Put yours or a loved one’s favorite word, saying or expression on here for a classy or ironic wall piece.
  • Favorite Place Illustration – For anyone who has a “special place” I think that this would be a really sweet and sentimental gift to give them.
  • Three Map Location Squares – For anyone who has multiple “special places.”
  • Dog Mug – Dog lovers unite! This is perfect for a dog people that may have a soft spot for a certain breed.
  • Scrabble Mugs – Anyone who knows me knows I love scrabble so this cup would fit perfectly in my growing mug collection.
  • Triangle Necklace – I’m obsessed with triangular jewelry, in fact I pretty much own this necklace already minus the engraving on it. But if you’re not into triangles, this site has pretty much every other kind of engravable jewelry you could ask for.

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  1. danniijane says:

    I love Not on the high street. They sell some really great gifts x

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  2. Great post. Is it available in England? 🙂

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