Weekly Tid Bits

Where did the weekend go?!

I feel like up until I take the GRE (in May), all of my weeks and weekends are going to be jam packed, which is a good and a bad thing considering I hate having too much free time. I definitely could’ve used a little more of it this weekend though because thanks to a 3 and a half hour GRE practice test, being tasked with baking a cake for my friend’s bday, going out to dinner for her bday, the throwing of her bday party, a run, brunch and dinner with the family, I had barely any time to recuperate. That being said, I enjoyed nearly the entire week and weekend 🙂

Delicious home cooked meal with aone of my closest college friends
Leaving the library looking like a mole
A message I can definitely condone
Comparing lip liner swatches with a scratch on my hand to see what my undertone is. That’s normal right?
A quaint little cappuccino to finish off brunch

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