Friend’s Birthday Box

It’s Fridayyyyy and despite the fact that I had a short work week, this week has felt incredibly long. But the saving grace of this week is definitely my best friend’s birthday on Sunday! We’re throwing a party for her at our apartment but before that I’m gonna give her the birthday box that I’ve created for her. I find that these boxes or goody bags tend to be a little easier to make and generally a lot more appreciated than the traditional one bigger present that one can gift. I personalized this box a lot so the contents may not work for everyone but if you’re looking for a more some more universal items to gift, check out this post I wrote a couple months back. But anyhow, here’s what I’m putting in my friends box!

birthday box

  1. Elephant Stamp with ink – Elephant’s are her favorite animal and she is also a teacher so I figured she could bring this to her classroom and spread her love for these creatures with her students!
  2. Starbucks Gift Card – My friend always rewards herself with a Starbucks on Friday mornings before work so I thought I would treat her to a couple of Friday Starbuck drinks on me.
  3. “A” Mug – Her name starts with “A” and we both have a soft spot for tea at the end of a long day so I thought this was a perfect addition to our growing mug collection.
  4. Framed picture of us – She had mentioned earlier this year that she didn’t have any printed pictures of us so I made a mental note of this and will be framing a cute picture of the two of us from this past Summer.
  5. Temporary Body Stamps – Her birthday party is going to be 09’s themed and if you were a 90’s child like I was, you knew that chokers were a big thing. So when I saw this set that included temporary choker patterns, I snagged it.

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