Eye Drops + Shimmer Shadows

Shimmer eye shadows are my favorite makeup item out of all makeup out there. The one problem about shimmer shades, however, is that they are notorious for being less pigmented than their matte counterparts. I don’t know what it is that makes some shimmer shades come out a lot more sheer than others and up until recently I didn’t have anything to do about it.

This all changed when I started watching Jaclyn Hill’s videos. Every time (or at least most times) she used shimmer shades she’d wet her brush with MAC’s Prep & Prime Fix+ before dipping it into the shimmery shade and voila! Instant impact. The shade came out brighter, more pigmented and so much more impactful! The only thing was that I didn’t feel like shelling out $22 for a bottle. So when she mentioned a cheaper alternative, eye drops, I had to try it out for myself. And this weekend I finally did.

I was creating a smokey eye with my beloved Naked 2 palette and before going in with the shade YDK I wet (ok drenched) my brush with my Opti-Free Contact Solution and then dipped and applied the eye shadow. I honestly gasped a little when I saw the gorgeousness that appeared on my eye and was so amazed that I had to call my roommate in to take a look. The difference that the drops made was absolutely incredible and I wasn’t even using a bad eye shadow! So if these drops can elevate a high quality eye shadow like Urban Decay, I’m sure they’ll make an even bigger impact on shadows that aren’t as high quality.

LEFT: Without eye drops    RIGHT: With eye drops

Please try this out! You won’t regret it.


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