Product Review: NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

I picked this liner up a couple weeks back when I was running out of my Maybelline Master Precise Liner because I thought I had heard great things about it from Kathleen Lights. The liner she really liked, however, was the from NYC and not NYX. But regardless, here is what I thought of this non-recommended NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker.



  • Provides a little bit of give at the very end of the nib so it doesn’t grab skin
  • Draws very precise line
  • Comes off easily


  • The nip is too short and small for my liking so I have to get my hand really close to my eye to apply it
  • I would like a little more give throughout the whole nib so I can draw a line on more smoothly
  • The marker itself dries up really quickly and does not provide an actual black color for very long
  • Layering the liner does not make it any blacker either
  • Smudges and fades very easily throughout the day

Overall I will definitely not be repurchasing this liner. The nib is too small and stiff for me, the life of the marker is really short and the lasting power is not good at all. My old faithful Maybelline Master Precise ticks all of these boxes and I’ve already picked up another one to replace this NYX one. Please let me know if you guys would recommend any other drug store ink liners of this type so I can try them out!



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